Sous Vide Soft Boiled Eggs (in Shell)

There's just something about a really good poached egg to start your day.  Try eating them on toast, serving them with your favorite breakfast potatoes, or going all out with a traditional eggs benedict,

How to Make Sous Vide Soft Boiled Eggs (in Shell)


– Eggs (in shell) – Salt – Pepper

Instructions: Step 1

Prepare a water bath and preheat your sous vide cooker to 145 degrees F. Set the timer for the eggs to cook for 45 minutes.

Instructions: Step 2

Gently tap the edge of each egg onto a hard surface.  Begin carefully peeling away the outer top of the shell until there is a hole large enough for the egg to slide out without breaking.

Instructions: Step 3

Tilt the cracked egg into a bowl so the soft boiled egg comes out gently.

Instructions: Step 4

If you prefer your whites a little whiter (see photo above), you can drop your egg into simmering water on the stove for about a minute after they cook to poach.

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